Grand Ideas Communications Private Limited is a full fledged digital marketing and Branding agency committed to supporting new and existing businesses from idea to implementation. We are armed with market-based insights and the right resources, we craft and execute effective marketing plans and strategies. We work with corporates, midsize companies, and small start-ups across all types of industries.
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Our in-house team of digital marketers, content writers, graphic designers, and developers uphold the highest standards for campaign planning and execution.

The Grand Team

Syam Kurup

Director and Chief of Marketing

Abhilash R

Creative Director


Director - Client Relations, UAE

Deepa S Warrier

HR Manager

Rohith NL

Project Manager

Krishnaprasad P P

Art Director
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Edburg L Das

Digital Marketing Manager

Thanseer Thahar

Consultant - Digital Marketing

Karun Mohan

Manager - Web Projects