No time for downtime

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Everything is going well for your business. Numbers are looking up, projections are positive. Suddenly the Black Swan appears. A black swan is any event that is highly unlikely to happen but would have severe consequences if it happened. And Covid-19 is the biggest, scariest black swan to have appeared in the last 100 years.

This is the story for most businesses around the world. Every company out there is trying to adapt to a strange new world. Businesses are either shut down or working with minimal capacity. There is a lot of downtime and limited avenues to utilize the time and resources for. People around the world are using this unexpected time off to learn new things, to work out, to cook new dishes,to create art etc. They are improving and refusing to stay still. And there’s a lot that the businesses can learn from this resilience and positivity of humans.

With the extra man hours and resources at hand, why not look at what you can do to be a relevant brand. Here are some productive measures you can take to improve your digital brand identity according to marketing experts from around the world.

Revamp your website– With most business transactions moving online, your presence on the web is more important than ever. People are searching online for every product and service and those with an online presence will make an impact. But just like a store front attracts people and influence their decision making, a business website will be the first impression for prospective customers. Utilize this downtime to redesign and relaunch your website. You can either go for incremental improvements or complete reinvention, depending on your brand’s needs. A fresh and current website integrating various Post -Covid19 measures will sure make a difference. Work with a website development agency with good experience in branding and marketing to ensure your website is not only attractive but efficient and user friendly.

Refresh your Brand– While reinventing or redesigning a brand identity is a major step, involving multitude of factors, refreshing the brand achieves a new and up to date brand look with minimal changes. A brand refresh maintains a visual connection to how the brand identity was seen before. But the “new suit” makeover is up-to-date, vibrant and designed for today’s audiences. Imagine getting a new coat of paint on your current office, instead of a whole new building. Invest in a professional branding agency to work out an effective plan to refresh your brand across the spectrum.

Reinvent your Social Media – Your company probably has a presence in all the social media that matter. But does it stand out? Does it fulfil the needs of the present world? Quarantine and social distancing have led people to live in a virtual community. Perhaps the most important item on your agenda should be to reinvent your social media presence. Inhouse operators for social media may sound like a cost-effective method, but unless you have specially trained professional social media experts, designers, analysers and content creators on board, you are losing a lot more in lost revenue and opportunity. Spend wisely on a professional consultant agency to create/reinvent and manage your social media.

Rethink your Ad Plan– Most of the ad spend will move online. Rethink your ad plan and budget and start spending even during the downtime to ensure continuity in brand visibility. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is a Smart Move Right Now. With more people at home in front of their screens, it’s a great opportunity for businesses to use PPC marketing to connect with their customers and gain a competitive advantage. On average, cost-per-clicks have decreased by 6 percent across all verticals since last week. And CPC is likely to continue to decrease in the coming week, reducing the amount of money an advertiser pays a publisher for every ad click. Work with a digital marketing expert to create a 360-degree digital ad plan covering all online media. Don’t cut cost by designing ads in house if you don’t have a professional ad designer and content writer. In the long run it is more cost effective and profitable to get a dedicated agency to create and execute your ads and promotions.

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