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When the Chef from the sky landed

Industry: Food & Beverage Industry
Location: India

Company bio:

The Muthoot Skychef, a Muthoot Pappachan Group’s venture on in-flight catering, Muthoot Skychef, offers a wide range of delicacies, perfected by qualified professionals. Muthoot Skychef has taken in-flight catering to greater heights with its focused commitment towards delivering food that is on par with international quality standards.

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Empty Skies

When Muthoot Skychef approached us for digital marketing service, they were in the unique situation of being a well-established, yet not well known brand. This is the story of how Grand Ideas helped Skychef land successfully and emerge as a top caterer in Trivandrum in the highly competitive food scene of Trivandrum City during the trying times of COVID-19 and lockdown.

Skychef’s huge facility and well-trained staff were stuck with no work and revenue. It was time to make use of what they had and enter a new world, catering to the food lovers of Trivandrum. Skychef launched themselves as a cloud kitchen with a specially curated menu that was sure to excite and satisfy any foodie.

The idea sounded perfect, but it was not without problems. While the brand Skychef was respected in the airline catering industry, it was relatively unknown to the citizens. In general, there was scepticism about restaurants and food delivery services owing to the new safety expectations. People preferred known brands and taste and Skychef was something very new for them.

A new Avatar

Before preparing a plan for Skychef, we did some ground research to gauge the brand awareness as well as the expectations of the people. Owing to COVID, safety and quality was of paramount importance to the people, even more than the taste! With inputs from research, industry experts, bloggers and influencers, we set off to build the story of Skychef Cloud Kitchen.

We started with a new brand identity for the cloud kitchen, complete with a new logo and look. Next on agenda was the communique Social Media platforms. From the beginning the USPs were clear – the superiority Skychef had to offer in terms of experience, international recognition, quality and impeccable safety.

Look who’s here

We started by building up a hype about an internationally trusted food brand landing in the city. The focus was on the point that Skychef is an honoured brand serving food in the skies, now serving food at doorsteps.

Safety is paramount

The next set of creatives were focused on the fact that Skychef’s standards of safety were unparalleled. The designs communicated reassurances regarding the safety and quality.

Taste matters

But as the product was food, the “Yummy Factor” was not to be left behind. Combining these was a unique challenge as Quality and safety are technical aspects and taste and appeal are aesthetic factors. Food posts featuring signature and special dishes from Skychef was the way to go for this.

The Big Test

The real test of the brand’s popularity was to come during the festival of Onam. Onam Sadya (Feast) is an integral part of the celebrations and every restaurant and caterer were offering them during the holidays. A focused campaign that addressed quality, taste, variety and timely delivery paid huge dividends as the orders crossed 200% of expected numbers!

From the heart!

As the brand started growing in popularity, it was time to take advantage of the reach of bloggers and influencers. As we wanted the reviews to be authentic and from the heart, instead of paid promotions, we focused on getting the most popular foodies to try the Skychef dishes and let their heart speak.

Now a household name for quality food, Skychef continues on its journey towards new heights.


These combined efforts resulted in significant reach and audience engagement. The client saw a 91.36% increase in website traffic and a 82.08 % increase in Facebook reach.

Increase in Online Orders – 98%
Campaign Reach – 92%
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